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Sometimes you write just to write. You go on and on, with really never anything to say. The more words leave your pen and onto the paper, the more thoughts remain behind, piling up and piling up. No expression, no hidden meaning, no ulterior motive.
But sometimes, you write to be read. You speak to be heard. You scream out the words you have been dying to say, and tell the world what you think it needs to know. And until you do that, your words have less meaning than an empty page.
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 3 1
Day One
Much time has been spent since I've written thoughts down
So foreign it feels to be doing it now.
Instead of the word, I've been caught by the sound
Of clacketing keys and a loud, clicking mouse.
Anapestic in meter but quite shrill in tone,
This poem just doesn't have the skill I have shone.
Day one of resurgence seems quite dull for now,
But hopefully someday I'll make you all proud.
Once more I will fill DA with written works,
But for now, I really think thinking really hurts.
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 0 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 12
From the sunlight altar, I cut a swathe through undead burg, my new blade cleaving effortlessly through the hollows and my bolts striking foes down from afar. I was a one-woman wrath of God, unstoppably cleansing the city of evil. I eventually ended back up in Firelink Shrine, and briefly stopped at the bonfire before something caught my attention: a giant crow was perched high upon a ledge, looking down at me.
Curiously, I approached it. All it did was look at me just as curiously, as if it was expecting me to do something. I sighed started looking around the shrine for whatever it could possibly want. Eventually, I found its nest. Unable to think of anything else to do, I curled up into a ball.
They said I could be anything, so I became an egg.
After a minute, the crow flew by and, grasping me in its talons, carried me off into the sky. It dropped me off in a nest on a snowy slope that looked uncannily familiar... I walked back down the steps to the Asylum. Curious, I made my way bac
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 11
When I finally reached the next fog gate (which was but a short walk away), I had to admit, I had little Idea of what to expect. This forest had been so tricky, so unexpected at every twist and turn that I was still on my toes. Once I prepared myself for anything, I stepped through the fog gate. All I could hear was the gentle rustle of wings... I looked into the sky and around me to find a beautiful butterfly. Slowly hovering in the air over me.
Now, this was no ordinary butterfly, mind you. It was massive, the size of a small building, but it floated in the air so gracefully, so lightly... It was certainly enchanting. A smile crossed my face and I took a step along the wall toward it as it glowed a pale green. A quick, bright flash and suddenly a massive pain ripped through my gut as I clenched the quickly fading spear of light that had embedded itself therein. I dropped to one knee and drank a dose of estus before standing back up and igniting my hand. If it wanted to fight with mag
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 10
I rested briefly before I made the decision to finally leave the depths. If I was alone, I would have stayed longer, rested up, and maybe cleaned my armor, but I wanted to get Laurentius back to Firelink; it felt wrong to keep him there for such selfish reasons. I left with him by my side and set off into the labyrinthine tunnels. I would have been completely lost if I hadn't marked the tunnels. I might have wandered around for hours, completely lost, but I followed the tunnels to the entrance and safely lead Laurentius back to Firelink.
Once there, he taught me how to make and throw fireballs, and how to create explosions at the snap of my fingers. To have such power flowing at my fingertips... It was certainly a new experience. I was certainly eager to try out these new tools, and he suggested that I travel to Darkroot Garden. While I pointed out that a forest was most likely a... poor choice for practicing pyromancy, he just laughed.
Well, then.
I followed his instructions, and ende
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 9
Laurentius and myself sat around the bonfire for what seemed like hours,  talking about Pyromancy. He explained to me its origins as far as he knew, and even made for me a glove with which I could hold fire... though all I could do was hold fire. Once we reached a more suitable location, he would teach me more useful techniques.
Eventually, though, I had to take my leave of him and venture off back into the sewer. There was something here I must do... I'm sure I would figure out what eventually. I wandered around, taking note of the tunnels I had entered before (which I had marked off with red clay) and avoiding them. Eventually I found a series of tight, narrow, labyrinthine passages that opened into a HUGE room. I had little time to take a look around as I had to pull up my shield in time to intercept a blue bolt of magic.
Before me on the battlements of this large stone wall stood a magus twice the height of a man. Before I could deal with him, though, several giant rats swarmed fro
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 8
It was a long while before I felt fit to go out into the Depths again. I stayed by the bonfire, nursing my wounds and repairing my blade as Andrei had taught me. The simple clothes I wore under my armor was stained red with blood... Nothing I could do about that now... Though it took an hour or so of rest, I did eventually set back out into the sewers. I waded my way through the sewage and undead, trying to find some reason to be here. I knew it was my mission to do so, but to what end...?
The sewers were vast and labyrinthine... No matter where I went, I always felt as if I was going 'round in circles, shambling through muck and mire for nothing. I would need some sort of guide to get through here effectively... I had inadvertently wandered deep into the sewers, and had gotten completely. As I wandered through the rancid water, a terrifying wave pulsed through my very soul and I froze in terror.
My muscles tensed, but I remained unmoving, the memory of the last invasion raci
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 7
I rested at the bonfire, thumbing the key I found on the great goat demon. While I was worried for Rhea, her words echoed in my mind. My mission was as important as hers, and just as urgent. I said a prayer for her to any God who would listen. Resolute, I quickly left Firelink and headed back down into the lower city, trying doors until I found one into which the key fit. The door swung open easily, creaking loudly, and I stepped down into the humid darkness. The stairs went deeper and deeper into the ground, echoing louder and louder until I found myself in a large, open room. The wooden platforms around me felt almost suspended in the air, held up on rafters above what I could only assume was some sort of waterway, from the sounds of running water drifting through the air. A second, more percussive sound was also bouncing from wall to wall: a loud, repetitive banging, like metal on wood. The undead here were all unarmored, and armed with little more than torches and simple weapons...
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 6
By the time I had caught my breath, my body was ready. I could feel my heart beating, the blood pumping through my veins; my grip upon the hilt of my blade tightened. I was ready. I made my way back into lower undead burg and proceeded through the fog gate, ready for whatever this hellhole would have in store for me.
The first thing I saw was a blur of movement and I instinctively rolled out of the way in time to feel the ground shake as two mighty blades crashed into the earth where I had once been standing. The thing towered over me, but I had no time to get a good look as a pair of vicious beasts cut into my legs, driving me into a corner. I tried to fight them off as best as I could, but again came down the blades and I ran for cover up a flight of stairs. The dogs pursued, and I finally slew them and quickly quaffed down a gult of estus before I had to throw myself off of the stairs to avoid another strike.
It was now that I finally got a look at my assailant. The beast was broad
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 5
Using the techniques Andrei taught me, I reinforced my arms and armor to a great extent. My breastplate fit more snugly and my blade cut deeper; I was feeling like a true warrior again. I thumbed the key in my pack, taken along my journey through the church; upon it was engraved "basement". I asked Andrei about it, and he told me it lead to Lower Undead Burg. What an odd name for a city.
The only locked door I knew of in the area was at the hellkite's bridge, so I returned to Firelink and set out through the undead town from there once more, my newly reforged blade cutting cleaner than any I could ever remember... but eventually I found it again.
The same tall, pitch black body stood in my path. A shiver ran through my very soul, but this time I was ready. I called out to it, and challenged it to one on one combat to the death. Wordlessly, silently, it turned to face me; its face was a black abyss, no eyes looked from under its helm, no mouth to speak or nose to breathe. The inhuman th
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 4
In the silence between us, Laviana told me that even she, in her impatience, thought another person would be required. The two of us searched for a sign upon the ground. We eventually found one, a simple-looking one, and I knelt down and pressed my hand against it. The two of us waiting around it, Laviana tapping her foot, until a figure finally appeared. Dressed in simple clothing and wielding an axe, the man's demeanor was gruff and rustic as he introduced himself as merely, "the farmer".  He was... odd, but he certainly seemed capable. With him by my side, we retraced our steps to the church.
This time, we scaled the church and headed to the roof. I waited back while the two of them ran forward, exploring the premises. This seemed... off. I looked around, traversing the room slowly, before rumbling caught my attention. I snapped my neck around just in time to see one of the gargoyles lurch off of its tower and throw itself off of the tower, crashing into the roof before me. Unintimi
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 3
After I gathered my strength at the bonfire, I set out once more onto the battlements of the undead city. Shouldering the claymore I snatched form the clutches of the great lizard, I cleaved my way through the rank and file of the hollow horde with little effort; my rampage went unfettered until into my view came a figure. Standing taller than any man or woman I've ever seen, it waited at the end of a long hallway. Upon its shoulder rested a gigantic longsword, and its body was clad in the blackest mail I had ever laid eyes upon. It ignored my presence; I dared not approach it. I slowly backpedaled in a terror greater than any I had ever felt. I stopped and regained my composure, for the first time I could remember feeling something in my gut other than that terrible hunger...
Once I was in my right mind again, I made my way to the beast's bridge and paused for a second. I contemplated the situation: the dragon was not going to move easily. Instead, I moved down below the bridge, and s
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 2
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 2
After I rested and bathed in my newfound warmth, I took note of the crestfallen knight nearby. He seemed... defeated. Every word, every inflection... he gave off the air of a broken man. He kept disparaging my efforts, saying I would have been better off where I came from, but he shed some light on Oscar's words: there was in fact two literal "bells of awakening", and that I should ring them. At least he gave me some bearings...
After a formal salute, I went on my way.
Also of note in the area was a cleric. A passive man by nature, it seemed, he merely wanted to keep to himself, but offered if I would wish to join his group and learn spells. Any real interactions would be welcome... So I accepted. His teachings taught me how to heal my injuries without the need of estus... a prayer to the Lord of Light and focusing upon my talisman.
I followed the knights instructions to a great, crumbling city. As I explored the place, that... hunger started growing in my belly once more. Every kill s
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 2 0
Let's RP: Dark Souls! Part 1
I awoke.
Alone, and cold, and in a cell, I awoke. With nothing but a shattered blade, the armor upon my back, the pendant around my neck, and my name in my head, I awoke. The sword, though shattered, felt familiar... I was not going to let it leave my side. The pendant as well... It meant nothing to me, and yet...
A crash in front of me was the first thing to break the monotony. A body plummeted to my feat from the top of the cell, and on its person, a key. MY key. I glanced up in time to catch a glimpse of the helmet of the man who had granted me this treasure, and left the cell, desperate to get away from this cold place.
As I got used to the feeling in my legs again, another undead came within my sight... and a hunger surged up within me. I still don't understand why, but I struck him down in cold blood, just to satisfy my grisly hunger... I still feel bad. Guilt courses through me... But I still feel this hunger. I will try to control it, as best I can.
As I made my way outside, I
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 1 4
The Parable of the Adventurer
A walk I took through a summer glen,
As oft I was wont to do back when,
When 'round the time of morning tea
A gaunt, old man mine eyes did see.
A sight he was, that wither'd crone,
For like a lantern his eyes had shone,
In black enrobed from head to toe,
A cloak the likes for heavy snow.
"Young lad," spake he, and gestured forth.
"Have thou heard the news up north?
A treasure there in ruins lay,
Ripe for the taking of one who may."
"Hello," I said as I drew near,
"This news has yet to reach mine ear.
A treasure you say?" The man did laugh.
"Be lucky I haven't requested half."
"No greature fortune there is to find:
Heaps of gold from mountains min'd,
Jew'l'ry set with precious stones,
Long-forgotten, ancient tomes..."
I stopped him there and then did speak,
"Then why did thou bring this news to me?"
"For I am old," he said, "and thin,"
"I dare not face the danger within."
I stopped and pondered this at length;
How could I tell I lack'd the strength?
I also did not trust this man,
His pi
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 2 0
Just a Question...
I've known you long, it's been some time,
Our friendship has grown very close,
I'm honored to know one so fine,
So perfect, like a flow'ring rose.
When all the power man thinks he knew,
Collaborate to make something,
It pales in beauty compared to you,
My lovely angel on purest wing.
I hope you know that I love you,
I hope that you will soon be mine.
So won't you make my dreams come true
And won't you be my valentine?
:iconzaythemagnificent:ZayTheMagnificent 2 8



United States
Hi there, Zay here!

Lately I've been bored out of my effin' mind and have had little inspiration to write on my own. SO, I've come up with a solution! I'm going to take writing prompts and requests!

How this is going to work is contact me through notes or comments here or on my FA (… ), and tell me about your characters and the kind of story you want. It can be just about anything, SFW or NSFW, action, romance, slice of life, whatever you want. And there's one absolutely amazing feature to this deal.


That's right, if you order now you can have your dream story written and featured on DA, FA, or both for the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

Don't wait, don't hesitate, and please participate!
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